Sunday, December 4, 2011

Why I don't want to knit socks

10 reasons not to knit socks:
1. I rarely even wear socks
2. When I do wear socks it takes me about 30 minutes to find a matching pair, so if I were to knit socks then I'd risk only having half a pair of socks.
3. It is only cold enough here in South Texas to need socks for about 5 days out of the year, every other day it is perfectly comfortable to wear sandals outside (yes even in winter)
4. You have to make a second sock in order for the first to be of any use.
5. Heel shaping (need I say more?)
6. Gauge matters, and if you knit like me and your gauge swatch almost always somehow has a different gauge than your FO, this could be a problem.
7. Teensy tiny little knitting needles, eeek!
8. Teensy tiny little stitches,
9. and about eleventy-billon of those teensy tiny little stitches in a pair of socks
10. I have huge feet (which mean even more of those teensy tiny stitches are needed to make socks to fit my feet.

Well 4 months and 6 finished pairs of socks later, I think I'm hooked. I've even started on my 7th pair already.

10 reasons to knit socks:

1. They are so much more comfy to wear than store-bought ones.
2. Fit - They fit my huge feet better than store-bought socks (If you've ever tried to squish size 11 feet into socks meant for size 6-10, you'd know that it's not comfy at all!)
3. It give me a good excuse reason to need to buy more sock yarn.
4. There may be as many stitches in a pair of socks as in a hand knit sweater, but buying nice yarn for a pair of socks is more affordable than buying nice yarn for a sweater since you only need one 4 oz skein for socks.
5. Sock yarn.
6. Self striping sock yarn. (and feet are probably the one place on your body where horizontal stripes actually look good)
7. You only knit socks for people you love (all that work, and when they are used as intended they will eventually wear out)
8. Portability - It's alot easier to take sock knitting with you than it is to take sweater knitting.
9. Why not?
10. Do you really need a reason to knit?

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