Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fibery Resolutions?

Do you have any fiber related resolutions for 2012? Here are a few of mine.

1. Keep track of my yardage knit, crocheted, and spun for the year. I've always wondered how much yarn and fiber I go through in a year, and as I don't always remember to update Ravelry with all muy projects, hopefully at least I can keep track of it with a Knitmeter

2. Add at least one photo to my Ravelry Projects for each completed project.

3. I am determined to try some colorwork next year, still haven't picked out a potential pattern yet.

4. Knit a sweater..... maybe.

5. Spin some funky art yarn.

6. Learn some new weaving techiniques, perhaps something with two heddles or a pickup stick.

7. Make time regularly for spinning.

I have a feeling there should be something else on this list, what's on yours for 2012?

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