Saturday, December 24, 2011

Socks, socks, socks...

I finally got the month-long socks off the needles and blocked, they were definately worth it. I love how the slipped stitches break up the pooling on these.

And of course I had to start on another pair (or three) when they were done. At least the next two pairs were for little feet and didn't take so long. (Note: Do not try socks on the needles on your two year old to check the fit halfway through. He won't understand that they aren't finished and will want to wear them anyway, needles and all. Four year olds seem to be a little more understanding, but will still end up asking you every 10 minutes when his new socks will be done.)

The third pair is almost done now too. I started on Killa for my MIL, thankfully we are doing our Christmas a few days late so I should have enough time to finish them.

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