Monday, January 16, 2012

Woven Tote Bag Tutorial: Part 1 (Calculations)

Would you like to make a woven tote bag? This series of tutorials will show you how to make a lined tote bag of any size.


warp and weft yarn of your choice (I used 5/2 weaving cotton for the warp, and worsted yarn for the weft, exact yardage needed will depend on the size desired)

Rigid Heddle loom

?? dent reed (I used a 8 dent reed on this project to get a weft faced weave)

iron on interfacing (this will be attached to the back side of your weaving to stabilize it for sewing and durability, because of this you will probably want to beat your weft pics a little closer than you do usually to keep it from showing through)

lining fabric (quilters cotton fabrics work well)

sewing machine & thread

optional: tote bag handles (you could purchase these or make tote straps from extra lining fabric), magnetic purse snap

Part 1: Calculations

How big do you want your finished bag to be? (You can always base your desired measurements on you favorite-sized handbag or totebag)




Seam Allowance (SA) for sewing: (I would recommend using a 1/2 inch seam allowance)

Width of weaving = Width + Depth + SA + SA =
Length of weaving = Height + Height + Depth + SA + SA =
These are the desired finished measurements of your woven piece. Be sure to add in a little extra length to your warp to account for loom waste.

Now you can warp you loom, weave a header, and start weaving.
(Note: since both selvedges will be sewn into the sides of the bag, you can just leave a yarn tail on the side of the piece when re-filling your shittle instead of hiding the ends in the weaving.)

Next tutorial: Weaving with yarns with long color sections. (like Noro or handspun)

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  1. I am viewing your bag for the first time
    It is beautiful thank you for the pattern
    What kind/ color yarns did you use for these bags the colors look great