Friday, November 8, 2013

Free Pattern Friday: FauxPurl Cowl

 A simple no-purl cowl worked in rounds. The faux-purls are created using short row techniques, but with working in full rounds after wrapping and turning. Cowls pictured use the random method as described below.
2-5 oz of Worsted or Aran weight yarn (bulky yarn may be substituted at a looser gauge) Small cowl can be made with about 2 oz of worsted wieght yarn
Size US 8 / 5 mm circular needles (16" needles, longer DPNs or 40" or longer for magic looping) two stitchmarkers

9 stitches / 2 inches in garter stitch knit flat
10 rows / 2 inches in stockinette

Size: Small, Large; 20" (40") circumference

For a larger cowl cast on more stitches, For a cowl worked in bulky weight yarn you may wish to cast on fewer stitches and work at a looser gauge.

CO - cast on
K - knit
BO - bind off
pm - place marker
w&t - wrap and turn
Note: do not pick up wraps on rounds following the w&t, they will be hidden nicely in the purl bumps of the following row.

CO 90 (180) sts.

Join for working in the round being careful not to twist your cast on row.

1. K1, pm, k to last st, pm, k1, w&t. (Note: You will now have two stitchmarkers, placed twos titches apart, one just after the first stitch of the round, one just before the last stitch of the round. The begining of the round is right in the middle of the two markers.)

2. k1, sm, k to marker, sm, k1, w&t.

Repeat round 2 until piece measures 1" from cast on edge.

3. K around, slipping markers as you go.

Planned Method: Work round 3 five times total.
Random Method: Using a random number generator, pick a number beteween 0 and 9, and work round 3 that many times.

4. Turning Round: k1, sm, k to marker, sm, k1, w&t.

Using either the planned method or the random method, work rounds 3-4 until cowl measures 1" from desired width.

5. k1, sm, k to marker, sm, k1, w&t.

Work round 5 for 1"

Bind off loosely.

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