Monday, December 17, 2012

Just keep knitting...

You know that point in a large project when you realize exactly how huge of a project it is? Well, I've hit that point. Twice in one week.

First on this laceweight shawl, Clarus. My original goal was to knit the large size in laceweight, but since I'm on the first repeat of row 53 now, I'm not sure if my patience is going to hold out for that.

Then there's my first knit blanket project.... This is the Hue Shift Afgahan from Knit Picks, and I am really loving how the colors are coming together now that there are a few more squares on the blanket. My original goal was to finish 1-2 squares daily on this, but I think I am really averaging about 4 a week... Oh well, that will still get it finished in less than a year...

In the meantime I've cast on for these socks (no I'm not procrastinating, the yarn was calling to me!)
and have finished up this little beaded necklace.

I still need to finish the last few rows of a teddy bear sweater for my younger son's stocking. Hopefully I get around to that before the 24th.

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