Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spinning Tip: Bobbin too Full?

Have you ever been plying singles and had just a little more to ply than would fit on you bobbin? What do you do, cut the single and start plying onto another bobbin and have a mini-skein? Well here's a little trick that will let you ply a couple extra ounces than will fit onto you bobbin without having a break in the skein.

(Note: This trick works best if you have a tensioned lazy kate)

When your plying bobbin is full, carefully remove it from the wheel, keeping the un-plied singles attached and running through the orifice. By hand, wind the two plies around the bobbin until you have run out of singles.

Place the half-plied bobbin back onto your lazy kate, and prepare your wheel with a fresh bobbin to ply onto.

Add plying twist to the unplied singles until you reach the point where the singles were already plied onto the first bobbin.

Loosen all the tension on the second bobbin, leaving it on the wheel. Remove the first bobbin from the lazy kate, pulling the freshly plied yarn through the orifice, hand wind it back onto the first bobbin. Now you are ready to skein your handspun and wash it.

And here's the finished yarn, stocking tomorow at Little Monkey's Stitch n Spin!

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